Artist Spotlight – Lupe Fiasco

It was a long time waiting for Lupe Fiasco’s lbum Lasers. After some pretty serious disagreements with Atlantic Records, the album release date was finally announced as March 8, 2011. The first single of the album, “The Show Goes On” was released October 26, 2010 on Fiasco’s website. Ever since that date, fans have been impatient to hear more. Fiasco apparently completed the album early in 2010 and forwarded it to Atlantic Records who stalled on its release because of disputes with the rapper. The album, entitled Lasers has had fans in a tizzy – so much so that thousands of them signed petitions requesting its release by Atlantic records. On October 15, Fiasco and his fans appeared outside Atlantic Records in New York City to protest. Shortly afterwards, Fiasco released a photo of himself and a representative from the record company with his hand up in a V for Victory sign.

The dispute between Fiasco and Atlantic Records was apparently over publishing rights to some of his songs. The record company wanted Fiasco to record songs, and he would have lost the rights to them afterwards. Also, Atlantic Records wanted Fiasco to sign a 360 deal that would give them 25 percent of any deals that he took part in that resulted from a song or album that he did for them. Fiasco was not about to do this, and Atlantic Records refused to budge for a long time too, resulting in the album remaining in nowhere land. Apparently Fiasco has said for years that this third album would be his final one, and that he would retire from rap after the album was released. When asked if this was still the case, he said that he still planned to go ahead with his retirement plans, much to his fans’ dismay.

Fiasco uses the Internet with his official Website to keep fans informed of his album release date and other activities that he is involved in. He also communicates with fans via Twitter to promote his album and various charity and business ventures that he is involved in. One of his charity events was a hike to a mountain top along with others to bring attention to the fact that many people in the world do not have clean water to drink. Fiasco has a clothing line, shoe contract, and other business ventures that he is involved in.

Many of his songs have a deeper meaning and reflect his life and perspective of the world. Fiasco was born Wasulu Muhammad Jaco in Chicago on February 16, 1982. His first album was Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor that was a success and brought the rapper to the forefront. Fiasco chose this name for it because he sees food as a necessary good thing that is life giving and liquor as a negative that can ruin life and take it away. He also performs with Post Punk band Japanese Cartoon under the name of WasuluJaco.

Fiasco was born from a mother who was a gourmet chef and a father who was an engineer, karate instructor, and several other jobs. He showed his talent in karate, which he began at age three. By the age of 10, Fiasco earned four black belts and two samurai swords. His parents divorced, and he lived with his mother until the sixth grade when he moved to his father’s house. It was here that Fiasco began his music studio in his father’s basement. His first album was about drugs, guns, and other gangsta rap elements, but he decided that gansta rap was not for him.