Artist Spotlight – The Corrs

Runaway With The Corrs

The Corrs hail from Dundalk in Ireland and are one of the most successful family bands of all time.  The band consisted of three sisters (Andrea, Sharon and Caroline) and their brother, Jim.  The Corrs were encouraged from a young age by their parents to learn their instruments and sing collectively and it paid off for them when they were discovered during auditions for the hugely popular 1991 Irish band-comedy, The Commitments.

Each of them appeared in the film, Sharon, Caroline and Jim as musicians, while Andrea Corr was given a full acting role.  It was during filming that manager John Hughes agreed to work with the siblings and began booking them at relatively high-profile venues in Dublin such as Whelan’s Bar.  Indeed, it was at Whelan’s in 1994 that the American ambassador in Ireland saw The Corrs and asked them to perform in the largely Irish city of Boston during the FIFA World Cup.

The band’s catchy Celtic influenced guitar-laden power pop sound (not to mention the dark hair and fair complexion of the three model-like sisters) was extremely well received in America and labels began to show their interest.  Following another show-stopping performance at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, The Corrs were signed to Atlantic Records and joined Celine Dion’s world tour as a support act.

The band’s most successful albums to date are Forgiven, Not Forgotten and the special edition of Talk On Corners.  Aside from their charity work which saw them inducted as MBEs, the band will be best remembered for the songs ‘Forgiven, Not Forgotten’, ‘Runaway’, ‘Breathless’ and their cover of the Fleetwood Mac chart-topping ‘Dreams’.  The Corrs’ sound is defined by the vocals of lead singer Andrea Corr and the harmonies and Celtic violin work provided by Belfast-based sister Sharon.  The band has been on a break since 2006 and are said to be enjoying the chance to spend time with each of their families.

The Corrs may have put their busy and successful pop career on hold since 2006, but the band continues to capture the warmth and goodwill of the public in Ireland and abroad, as proven by the financial success of their second greatest hits album, Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection.  Still, their successes have been notably muted since late 2006 when compared with the success which marked them as international stars in the mid-90s.

Andrea Corr is the only member of the band to have continued writing and releasing music with her first solo album Ten Feet High appearing in June 2007.  Andrea Corr has said on Radio 2 in 2009 that she was “gutted” by the album’s measured commercial success but the thirty-five year old beauty sounded hopeful when she admitted that she has plans to release a second album of “older stuff and some covers” in 2010.

Still, if she fails to relive the musical success she once enjoyed, Andrea Corr could definitely continue to be successful as an actress having starred in 1996’s Evita.  Andrea Corr has also just finished one of the most financially booming runs at The Old Vic as part of Dancing At Lughnasa, a play about a group of Irish sisters approaching the harvest festival in rural Ireland.